Grey Blvd. Studio is a boutique design studio dedicated to creating tailor-made visual identities and websites for exceptional businesses, and my name is Petra - I am the founder and the designer behind the brand.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve always been creative and wanted to turn it into a career, but I never knew what exactly I’d like to do. As a child, I dreamed about being a fashion designer, architect, interior designer, or following my mother footsteps and joining the family business of wedding planning, but none of those were quite it. However, my love for technology and digital creation was always somewhere in the background. I started exploring Photoshop, graphic design, and coding since I was 11 and had so much fun. I thought of it as a hobby that I could never really make a “real” career out of - and I’m so glad I was completely wrong.

The idea of opening my own studio and helping entrepreneurs create their beautiful brands started growing sometime in 2016., when I was 21 years old. I stumbled upon my mentor who had her own branding and web design studio and the realization that that is my dream job finally hit me. Working as her junior designer for two years, and having the opportunity to learn so much from someone who mastered exactly what I wanted to do ignited a spark that fuels Grey Blvd. Studio from 2018. to this day.

Now that I am 27 years old, and have been doing this for the past 6 years, I absolutely love the whole process of creating a brand from beginning to the very end. From the starting idea and small pieces of the story to tying it all up in one cohesive brand that ends up encapsulating the core of the business makes me excited beyond explanation with each new client and each new project.

The approach

It is very important for me that my clients have a great, easy going experience with me, while also having a role in creating their own brand. That’s why my approach is centered around me extracting crucial information from you about you and your business and then using my expertise in the field to turn that information into a tailored brand, while giving you a look into a whole process and asking for your feedback after every crucial step.

My goal is always to create a brand that will be balanced between encapsulating what you and your business are and stand for, but at the same time tell a visual story that will speak directly to your target audience and attract clients you want to work with. That way your brand feels like it’s truly something yours, while helping your business grow by having a solid brand strategy as a foundation that actually works from a business point of view.